Pastease Coverage Glitter Pot Leaf- Green O/S


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Coverage: Pot Leaf Glitter Green Full Breast Covers Support Tape by Pastease
For the larger busted, the modest user, the lady looking for a lift and the woman tired of Kotex looking functional nipple covers. Coverage by Pastease offers maximum coverage while offering fashionable, playful yet functional designs. All the function with all the fun and with extra lift too, who doesn’t want that?! 
Just peel-and-stick on clean, dry skin!  All Pastease® pasties feature latex-free, medical-grade, waterproof adhesive that stays securely in place for as long as you like and until they are gently removed. 
Dimensions: 4.9 inches wide x 5.2 inches tall .
Coverage: 2.6 inches.

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